About This Project


Creative Direction: Marcelo Burlon
Styling: Ilaria Norsa
Make-Up: Isamaya Ffrench @ Streeters London
Hair: Gianluigi Gargaro @ Aldo Coppola Agency
Set Design: Isamaya Ffrench & Josh Wilks
Music: Marcelo Burlon & Giorgio Di Salvo

Fa’ Empel
Kaner Scott
Kirikoo Des
Michele Lamanna
Pablo Attal
Paolo Farcic
Ross Sands
Tamy Glauser

Abu Hussein @ Joy
Adam Kaszewski @ Fashion
Adil Haddaoui @ Why Not
Axel S. @ Boom Models
Bruno Sitton @ Why Not
Chariffe @ Boom Models
David V @ Boom
Filipe Chaves @ Urban
Francesco @ Beyond
George Admiraal @ Why Not
George Koh @ Why Not
Gio Durante @ Elite
Hamish Frew @ Independent
Henry Watkins @ Why Not
Jake Lokhart @ Urban
Josh Bartley @ d’Men
June Min @ Boom Models
Max @ Beyond
Melanie Engel @ IMG
Paul Carrigan @ 2Men
Sang Woo Kim @ Elite
Serena Archetti @ Fashion
Steve Df @ d’Men
Travis Smith @ I Love Models
Wonjung Jo @ Fashion
Younes @ I Love Models

Production of the event: Pry

Special thanks to
Marchi Marchell
Sashko Manev
Sidney Geubelle